Where I Gush Over Covers | My Most Anticipated 2018 Releases (First Quarter)

Where I Gush Over Covers | My Most Anticipated 2018 Releases (First Quarter)

As I said (I think?? What is memory) in one of my previous posts, I’m high-key excited for 2018. New year, new me, new goals, new everything. (Which includes books). 2018 is a great money making year for publishers (and a money-losing year for me because ~new releases~).

Note: Though it would be great to have a whole year of 2018 anticipated releases, publishers and authors announce a lot of 2018 releases well into the year, so we all don’t know about a lot of upcoming 2018 releases. Also quite a few titles, synopses, release dates, covers etc. are also unknown so …. Therefore, I’m only going to talk about releases in the first quarter of 2018 (i.e January, February and March). (Shameless shout-out: These links took me time and effort, I’d greatly appreciate if you could click on at least one of them. My work will be done if you can do so. And at this point, I’ve read many of these, but here are just my pre-read thoughts. 😊) You can check out my Goodreads page to check out some of my thoughts and also to become GR friends! I hope you find these helpful (even though there are 5600888 posts on these) and now on to the releases!



xzCb_xVRqzG2Y0jQBWVznUgd_AgbiJx7IkMHb2BqSWyWWH7tOkuEJ9RZTJmWTcekZw_iNzEwVJjcuOBx0Ft38yFxTlHRx-uLNpICT1O9ltsJL5Ofu_UZWwYdaQWpWe5Hk.jpgThe Cruel Prince by Holly Black (The Folk of the Air #1) (Little, Brown and Company) This has been one of the most hyped books of 2018, and based on the synopsis, I’m pretty sure there’s great reason. Fairies? Political intrigue? Fantasy? I’m surprisingly pumped.

Buy on Book Depository, out now!

Everless by Sara Holland (Untitled #1) (HarperTeen)9TrvOaCEqDNMmwtWqIBkKscgKp3J5oMsAXn1KnqfreYAoyaepVR5Ey0z3d7mlo0NzEQnbKnpEGDbc0uFISRGySbAAPWTNqaO0pir6ZnUpsUF5Ff-MNk_s3RI6M4KsVTM2.jpg

In a world where time is money? Sign me up. And that cover 😍  !!

Buy on Book Depository, out now!

gOTrL8Bl8fKWx9OgiA1-IODgOWGy8dHeHFck-3ZIHbHcNyVVoL8cfNSPlgji5iway4WeJhMt84e9kacsduhVIWgYdZG6qPJT5Q-aIyUC0_-7j9YoLqj5xadY_MQtroccj.jpgMeet Cute: Some People Are Destined To Meet (anthology) edited by Jennifer L. Armentrout and various YA Authors (HMH Books for Young Readers)

If I had to pick my most anticipated release for the whole of this quarter, it’s definitely this book. Not only is it a YA short story anthology, I’m a sucker for meet cutes. They’re my kryptonites. And, again, the cover is adorable. I NEED NEED NEED THIS IN HARDCOVER ASAP, which is when I next get the opportunity to buy books.

Buy on Book Depository, out now!

Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu (DC Icons, #2) (Penguin

Confession time: I’m not a big fan of Batman. But Marie Lu’s name is on it, and she’s an OpCLhLptc_VBTQKPl0y77_eQQdqFmopvILvM5XBdZtKXpFL0E-Dg7JBmYJGBpHl-DIChVN8uBX-SVudw75oXQFikJ6RG_cSjNkoGj0KFHAT8iSbihWkWOrfUtK0NCos9-.jpgautoread author for me, so SOLD. Also I quite liked Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman last year, so .. this gonna be good???

Buy on Book Depository, out now!


Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children, #3) by Seanan McGuire (Tor)

ECSaa5eybhTuvjfecXK9LRPt_MQ4Y38Dfvr9RdoXgcB7d13D2esvc1D3nOcNaXTC4n82MMIGgdnFRezg8lrQP8tNjhW2bt5CRy_8u0FBOcf_RDhu9QVlCC-08wvxs0KRV.jpgI love the cover (yes, it’s gorgeous. No, I don’t have a problem). LOVE. The premise of this third book in this amazing series sounds so promising and wonderful, and if this book is going to be better than the cover, it’s going to blow me away. Hopefully.

Buy on Book Depository, out now!


Truly Devious (Truly Devious, #1) by Maureen Johnson (HarperCollins)

You guys, this sounds amazing. Boarding schools (especially English boarding schools in the 20th century) are my kryptonite. I love FvJ4RNMVDXWV7irmlMuVEZoCEG3IKbWE5YB4HtI99ZMpUSoQTzDGqdpahapoF40jLlLebJh7l-TE70IMPtAFQP_aADxH9IDToW1xR2nWF2yruRQ18ci7JG9sJqt3w6eJG.jpgdetective murder mysteries and dual timelines. And if that excerpt is going to indicate anything about the book, it’s going to be fantastic. You should definitely check it out here.

Buy on Book Depository, out now!


1spYeiDbq4wvd6otRlSVTS_XgqgZdZP6GSaqKil9BTOjIrlilqZ46KHvOTLS-QL2Qo-CCAXi-nWbjmFHbPp9_0fBJyM3tVaI-VTGxIrLyczds9iBoJy7phramH5jp79MM.jpgWires and Nerve, Vol 2: Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer (Wires and Nerve, #2) (Feiwel and Friends)

Oh man, I’m truly excited for this. It’s definitely going to be a quick read, and it’s written by Queen Marissa Meyer, and I’m a big fan of The Lunar Chronicles.

Buy on Book Depository, out now!




9MBzSLlb9-EYaNlwiAeCSmzDM9jGxfhXxMc27pbqk5avFMLeBgRNef8SS5Sm6_JLGvzau5NTlE2H5a17djA7qVBsaemAIi8aBU2F3ZyIV0vYhKmufpoiw2QLss6-kmXSX.jpgAmerican Panda by Gloria Chao

This sounds so so cute. Contemporary is my favourite genre, and there’s Asian! American! Rep! (Ok, not fully Asian, but still, specifically Taiwanese-American rep (it may be own voices?) Anyway I especially  LOVE LOVE LOVE Asian rep in YA, and that cover is adorable. Also, support Asian authors!

Buy on Book Depository, out now!


The Defiant (The Valiant, #2) by Lesley Livingston (Razorbill)

I quite enjoyed the first book in the series, which I read last year. Also, it’s about female BxFmreGbmVppWPJf5kbEfB67jtG4Y3PY5UC2hZtYm-gXZ49XBsZHfe4UIqWJwVsvmYlXEqGnOdxEkQc6BgLCA7GaJz_r1lnVu_43KNyqlGnQd8Td6xbEnpzADywk7v186.jpggladiators. @LesleyLivingston, I’m waiting.

Buy on Book Depository, out now.

Hamilton and Peggy!: A Revolutionary Friendship | L.M Elliott (Katherine Tegen Books)

AHHHHH. AHHHHHH. My Hamiltrash soul craves any YA Ha8D3BFA--M1a_a2z5KtSCznqE95df5u9ZhnKSpZ-DczvRsHyUh-BwoSlNlFsNgb3FlvtAdXoH1RDMqHbbMgcc196CHnttSHagYszDC3kVhZuserPeb72S_zU9wK-h3htGy.jpgmilton novels. We had Alex and Eliza last year. But like no one talks about Peggy (other than making memes about her because in Hamilton she’s very brushed over.) Did I mention I’m so excited for this? YAY. And I love YA books with a focus on friendship, because YA is so filled with romance (I love fluffy romances, don’t get me wrong). Leave me, I’m still singing Hamilton after a month. My Hamilton obsession is non-stop (gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me …)

Also … I would insert a and Peggy! gif but WordPress doesn’t support the file type soooo 😦

Buy on Book Depository, out now!


Blood of a Thousand Stars (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #2) by Rhoda Belleza (Razorbill)

Notice the pattern of anticipated sequels? Too many first-book-in-a-series came out last 5ycAaxbd5VKMzZjl3RYwn00PiGGMq6b3o6H1Co_6mf_TQGcr47B9GEzecHN2YbhR6uGZesVmO-sbwM9HtldPRPfuU978DW7qPQ00JahcliD3E1h8wA-INjaA-NFM35U-_.jpgyear. The first book, Empress of a Thousand Skies, was a very enjoyable science fiction novel, which I’d recommend.  Honestly, nothing much to say.

Buy on Book Depository , out now!


Bygone Badass Broads | Mackenzi Lee

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 12.11.09 AM

If you didn’t know, I sort of consider myself a feminist. History is one of my strongest subjects, and I’m so fascinated by history, and women’s role inhistory. I see historical feminist fiction. I see Mackenzi Lee. I adore her writing. I’m in! This better be good 🙂

All Out (anthology) | ed. Saundra Mitchell

8ux1nYOCNFNzY64cbNCsR3qNctX0nGF1w9pe3RtmLe5_mhtc3RxEiu9ST-e8nNXVwMZHKkm__2wtM23Z3-37Pj1C3cSRIhACF1fsOOKLkjgMRWGpFkC4pH2vBLdk-iYUj.jpgA lot of my Goodreads friends and a lot of people in general are really excited for this anthology, and for good reason – this is a YA, (own voices) LGBTQ historical fiction anthology centering around teens in historical periods with some retellings. Although diversity is super important, I’m going to be honest with you – I’m much more excited for the historical fiction aspect of that. If you didn’t know, hi, I’m Taasia, I’m a history nerd. And look at the author list. I’m ready. Also, that COVER!!

Buy on Book Depository, out now!



The Case for Jamie (Charlotte Holmes #3) | Brittany Cavallaro

TNcQnEzByl4keYU33L8xZvy42f22CQW2MU3nXuX8KhT8O_e3ELZiCELdLCVL4kZyFnFl-PWTHfHPnK7LEMRj9botSPkR92cUifUWaANBWHBSzTNAOlXvNGwEfLtj4yKOD.jpgThis is the final book of the trilogy, but I have mixed feelings on this. I really enjoyed the first book, but I was extremely disappointed by the second book in the trilogy. This better bring up my expectations, I have hope. But I’m still (somewhat???) hopeful. Don’t let me DOWN. Shhh I’m an oldie what can I say.

Buy on Book Depository.

In Search Of Us | Ava Dellaira

Taasia has yet another problem … with being trash for a good r2yTAarN_FNaDOgW8xbLiPV73rVRyjaN8FqNJ16mM_VppZxpqzbhwg-Ckj-D5HHNx0ALnb4-cr9uRwO1_3EUB9USGSfRCHiPG69QoFfjz8Ox89lrMw4qddGjQ9eetBecE.jpgmultigenerational/family stories, about a mother and a daughter. WHY AM I TRASH FOR THEM – I HAVE SO MANY FIVE STARS WITH THOSE KIND OF BOOKS (Far From The Tree, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender etc. etc …), but I digress. I actually haven’t read Dellaira’s debut novel, but I’m hoping this gonna be good. Sold! And I love the glitter and the colours ….

Buy on Book Depository.


Literally me @ all of my anticipated releases to not disappoint me but knowing it won’t happen (and then I feel sad). Also I don’t like cats but look at this one! Aweeee (we’re going slightly off-topic).


pkB--m5gFh7-vj5O1_yWLNFqKUuWLzVtO2o_k_nMYRM0oFJQKYiLWNiiR6AdTaWgiigAAjxYsXyr4vd1Dhx9L1slMcLGmA9s7ovg4zshfBmzcpL2OqoK7I7oiDOmt_PQd.jpgObsidio (The Illuminae Files, #3) | Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I really don’t think I need to tell you about this series, because you probably know what it’s about, right? Everyone and their mother loves this series and for good reason – after Gemina I’m so excited to get into this. It’s gonna be good. I can’t wait to see what kind of files they gonna use. PSYCHED!

Buy on Book Depository.

The Price Guide to the Occult | Leslye Walton

Last year, I read Walton’s debut novel, which was sb4TcomW7R-HbImVRILaKJQxfgAHYELdBOWI6a3jC3iid_-qWHsnJJsSBfrRdSlRr0Cih_FhPepDrV7VvY1RH8sDRF0-1OdmjaexMrsKbAlcM8pGCE7KJCpHyypSoOQ7g.jpgstunning – it was A M A Z I N G. It was one of my favourites of last year, and I fell in love with Walton’s writing and the beautiful multigenerational story she created. It’s another multigenerational story about a family curse and witches I believe? I don’t think I’ll like this one as much as her debut, but it’s worth a shot.

Buy on Book Depository.


Tyler Johnson Was Here | Jay Coles

ATPfnjcBFEwiYm6L3s_jN-lasptyYIN8u0TBhQfX1hYNF1oTX5MfQgxR0ktZHMOvmThmU-fy5OINILVBnPrUVxo8PwIlDrOXhOtqUjZcauaJGIXoHFnKOWjOljDoRQ2nl.jpgI’m here for this because it sounds like The Hate U Give, which was amazing. It sounds so important, and that cover (this is the last one, promise). Also this is totally going to break my feels again but it’s fine.

Right? Right??

Buy on Book Depository.


I Have Lost My Way | Gayle Forman

Forman is a really big hit or miss for me, with If I Stay being one of my all-time favs 36470842.jpg.jpgwhile Just One Day being one of the worst books I’ve read last year (TL; DR I loved one, didn’t like it). This sounds like it’s going to make me sob, think and have a book hangover. Why do I want this to happen to me.

Don’t ask.

Buy on Book Depository.

So that’s it! Here’s to all my anticipated releases for the first quarter of 2017 I legitimately nearly published that. Good job –  GG, I mean 2018.




Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.15.28 PM

What are some of your most anticipated releases for 2018, especially this quarter? How many of these do you think I’m going to love?



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