Celebrating Asians Everywhere- Start of a new blog series?? + Discussion

So if you all didn’t know, there was recently a fiasco on Twitter where an influential WOC author implied that she didn’t consider Asians WoC. To a lot of people, this probably doesn’t mean anything, but to me, and so many Asians out there, this is not only extremely upsetting and harmful, but it’s going to be problematic to Asians in the future. (Please look it up on Twitter, there are still records on what the author said but the author herself have simply erased these Tweets).

Since I scream about this (a lot), you may already know this, but I’m Asian, more specifically, Southeast Asian. Though other minorities get a lot of hate as well, Asians still get that hate, and pain, every day. I truly cannot understand, and genuinely do not understand, how someone, in good conscience, erases an already greatly marginalized group’s suffering and the prejudice received and highlight another marginalized group’s suffering? That just disgusts me, and I cannot. We, both women and people of colour, have to stand up for each other, and not push down other minorities like that.

This is not only just for my fellow Asians, even though I love you all so much, it’s unbelievable – it’s for all the minorities out there – Asians, Africans, Latinas, and anyone out there who have been treated inferior or insignificant in your lives. Let no one tell you so, because you are not. You are more than what you think you are, will do more than anyone would know and are going to fly. Don’t let anyone or anything steer you from your passions, your dreams and what you want to do.

To celebrate Asians everywhere, I’m going to be launching a new blog series in the upcoming weeks, especially since it’s Asian/Pacific Heritage Month this month in the U.S, surrounding Asians in literature and the bookish world, for example, Asian recommendations, Asian books on my TBR (shout out to May @ Forever and Everly for that one, another fabulous Southeast Asian teen blogger), Asian books I’m highly anticipating, Asians in the bookish community and my favourite Asian authors.

Ok, a lot of these are going to be posted in June, because I have to prepare for finals for the rest of this month, but honestly? Asians can be celebrated anywhere, anytime. Society just has to make an initiative. I haven’t really decided on what to call this series yet, or how many posts there are gonna be, but please, please, please, let me know of any ideas or thoughts you might have.

I genuinely hope you love this series, and to all my fellow women of colour – here’s to you.

What do you think? Any ideas? Favourite Asian bloggers/booktubers? 



4 thoughts on “Celebrating Asians Everywhere- Start of a new blog series?? + Discussion

  1. I’m so late reading this Taasia..but I didn’t knew that an author said that Asians like us are not consider WOC until I read this.. THAT’S…..Wow! That’s really sad and disappointing.😑😞

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    1. I was really upset and disappointed too, especially since the author is a WoC herself. It’s just so harmful to Asians everywhere, and I can’t support this author at all anymore, which is sad, because we marginalized figures should be uplifting each other.


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