My First TTT – My Favourite Asian Bloggers

As I will never shut up about, I’m Asian. You guys are all-stars from repeatedly reading this sentence. Specifically, I’m Southeast Asian (Malaysian Chinese). I’ve wanted to do Top Ten Tuesday for ages (because, hype) and when I saw this prompt, I thought this post was not only a good way to spread the love for the book blogosphere, but also to make it the second article in my Asian blog series, I guess, where I talk about my favourite¬†Asian members of the book community. No shade to people of other minorities and groups, but I just wanted to take a moment (meaning, a post) to commemorate Asian bloggers.

And being on brand as usual, I’m late with posting this. I literally had so much going on that my blog was being pushed to the backburner … is that a bad thing?¬†So without further ado, here are some of my favorite Asian bloggers.

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