#AmCurrently: I’m Back (!!!) ft. what I’ve been up to + exciting things

Hi … I’m back!

That was probably very anti-climatic, but yeah, I’m back from an, uh, nearly three months (unplanned) hiatus?

Before I talk about the post itself, I just wanted to thank you all. Thanks for sticking me through this, and for … all the love, comments, follows, likes and just everything. For some reason, I got a bunch of love during my hiatus and like … I seriously don’t deserve you all. Love you all so so much ❤

Even though I am (really) not a very interesting person, I thought it might be cool to do this! I wanted to catch you all up with what’s happening with me, since I basically ghosted this page.

Instead of following my traditional monthly wrap up formats, I wanted to try something new, since I found the old format of my monthly wrap ups to be stiff and all (please ignore the featured image). Let’s see how this works out.

I’ve essentially been in quarantine/social distancing since February, effectively, so we’re going to talk about that.

Side Note: I am actually so behind with blogging, especially comments, so I’m going to try and get to them over the past few months! Also, feel free to drop links and all, because I also do want to find new blogs.

I’m not going to be talking about books I read in hiatus in an upcoming post, since this post is already too long as it is, so keep a look out for that, I guess?

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