Happy Pride Month!! // feat. 7 Rainbow LGBTQIAP+ Recs

It’s Pride Month, and I only thought it would be appropriate to celebrate this by recommending LGBTQIAP+ books!

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I’ve read a whole variety of books featuring LGBTQIAP+ characters (especially queer main characters) and/or by LGBTQIAP+ authors, and I had always planned on doing a Pride Month Rec Post this June. However, I decided to do it with a bit of a twist – I would recommend LGBTQIAP+, own voices (for the most part) books which had covers that corresponded to the rainbow (i.e having one book that was red, another which was blue and so forth). I thought this would make for a fun and a (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing post! I would love to do a post recommending some more amazing LGBTQIAP+ books that I would recommend for Pride Month, which I will most likely do for next Pride.

In selecting the books for this post, I have tried to select books with a wide range of identities and genres, and have tried to make this list as intersectional as possible! I know I have so many books that I have left off this list (because I’m only featuring 8 books in this post) so please let me know of more LGBTQIAP+ books that you should think would fit in here and/or that I should read it ASAP!

Oh also, the titles have direct links to their Goodreads!

But anyways – I hope you like this post and that it proves to be helpful (and aesthetically pleasing, of course).

Yes I’m a shallow human.

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