I Have A BuJo Spread I Actually Love? // My October 2019 Plan With Me (Moon Phase)

October is coming, and with that, so does my October bujo set up.

Oh my god someone stop this girl.

Since I don’t want to be posting my BuJo plan with me’s in the middle of the month constantly, I’ve decided to have a more normal posting schedule and post it before the next month starts!

Let’s see how this is gonna work, lmao.

I’m actually so excited for October and really loved my bujo setup this month, and I hope you do too!

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We’re Reviving BuJo Posts: Plan with Me August ’19 (ft. My Personal BuJo + My Reading BuJo!!)

I love how my blog header says that I talk about books, bullet journaling and lifestyle things … and proceeds to not do bullet journal posts.

I was seriously planning on resuming Plan With Mes in July, but ultimately my blogging schedule just didn’t work out. So I guess we’re going to start them up in August?


Currently, I do two set-ups before the start of each month: my personal bujo set up and my reading bujo set up. I figured I’d show you both of them in this post. Let me know if I should continue this, separate them into two posts, or only include one set up.

I tried my best with this set up, and I think it turned out pretty okay? I hope you guys think that it turned out well and that you like it! Please validate me.

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I Finally Bring Back A Bujo Post In Time For the New Year aka my 2019 Bujo Set Up!

I haven’t posted a bullet journal post in 6 years, oops.

But I thought since 2019 is coming (the mixed feelings are very real) I would show you guys my bullet journal set up! I want to keep this set up more monochromatic, elegant, and minimal. My monthly setups, however, are more colorful. Let me know if you guys want to see my monthly set-ups! I’m happy to do them if there’s any of you who want to see, haha.

I’m not starting a new journal for 2019 though I would’ve liked to, as there’s so much space that I don’t want to let go to waste. That means I can’t set up many of the “new year, new journal” setups, but it’s fine.

Disclaimer: I get the lighting is pretty crappy in this one, but I had to take the pictures at night since I had no other time. Hopefully, future photos will have better lighting and overall be better, especially since I’m not a very good photographer, yikes.

Also! I forgot to announce this earlier, but since I have quite a bit of content to put out for the end of the year, I’m doing my best to put out a new post every day until the 2nd of January. It’s going to be so tiring, but I’ll do my best to get them done.

My journal in the introductory pages are going to have a monochromatic palette, but my monthlies will be more colorful, I think. I might bring my monthly plan with me posts back, but I’m not sure, honestly.

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Plan with Me: May 2018

Hi there! April’s been pretty busy for me, and I’m pretty exhausted, but am also excited for May (but also dreading it at the same time). If you didn’t know, I am an avid bullet journalist. I’ve been bujo-ing since January 2018, and haven’t looked back. I love scouring the Internet for bujo-content, so I decided to write this plan with me post.

May is going to be a really busy month for me – it’s when my end-of-year exams are, when I have to hand in all of my assignments in, and I need to prepare for a bunch of academic competitions. I’m going to write down the supplies I used, (they all link to Amazon, but I got them at a local craft store or were given to me. But if you don’t care, skip over it and see the main stuff. If you’re gonna start a bullet journal soon, I highly recommend you go straight to the core source, bulletjournal.comthen look on Instagram and Pinterest, not the other way around.

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