April Reading Plans // ft. a failed March TBR Wrap Up, ContemporApril + more

I’m back with my April TBR + March TBR Wrap-Up that is actually being posted on time?? What??

So if you haven’t read a post talking about my reading plans, yet, my reading plans (aka my preferred name for TBR) is structured in such a way that I can both have organization in terms of my reading but also give me room to mood read so I don’t fall into a reading slump.

Also, I’ve changed up the graphics for some of this post! I’m still experimenting, but I’m sticking with the same blue palette, you know?

Anyways, back on track. Shall we wrap-up my failed March TBR and super exciting April TBR?

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March Reading Plans // Wrapping Up My February Reading Plans + My March TBR!

Guess who’s back to share her reading plans in the middle-of-the-month?

I’ve been really loving the organization of these posts (even if they took me forever to write). I’d thought I would continue to share my reading plans/monthly TBR!

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So I do TBRs now (??) feat. my February Reading Plans and wrapping up my (unshared) January TBR!

Guess who’s back … with an official, published TBR?

I consider myself to be the biggest mood reader E V E R, but last month I tried doing a TBR (which I never ended up publishing), and since I’ve found that I’m starting to have a clearer idea of what I want to read this month, I thought that I’d share my February TBR! I’m not sure whether I’m going to continue doing this format or TBRs for the rest of the year, so we’ll just go with it and see how I go!

Also, I really love the format and the graphics of this post (it has all the heart-eyes from me – is that a bad thing? lmao). I think this format will also spice up my TBRs a little more because I don’t want it to be just a list of books I want to read.

This post is going up a little later than scheduled, sorry about that! I’ve been super busy (February is not fun), and am currently in Phuket visiting my younger sister (who is boarding). If things are going to be this busy, I may be taking a quick hiatus of two weeks maximum. We’ll see.

Below is a little emoji key of things that certain books have or count for! This is pretty common, and I thought it would be fun to include.

I may include this in my February wrap up, but we’ll see!

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October Part 1 Wrap Up aka Another Disappointing Reading Month

New month, another mediocre reading month. I’m so disappointed in my reading month this month I kind of want to cry. This month was filled with three stars and the highest I gave any book this month was a four star which is disappointing? I’m feeling sad since I haven’t given any new book 5 stars since May (Always Never Yours).

I actually really wanted to read lots of contemporary and my favorite things since it was my birthday month, but it just ended up not happening. Instead, I followed the hype and I ended up reading a lot of spooky/mysterious books, which was an experience since thriller is not my absolute go-to genre. Here’s to a better reading month in November (even though I won’t have time to do anything since I’ll be studying).

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My Overly Ambitious October Reading Plans (featuring my first attempt at a structured TBR and all the readathons/readalongs!)

As you all know, I’m a huge mood reader, and never ever post TBRs. So you’re probably thinking, why is she posting a TBR (of sorts) this month? I have a lot of grand reading plans for October, and very little of which is going to get read. I’m actually incredibly excited about October, and all the books I hope to read, most of which I’m really excited about.

For the entire month of October, I’m going to be participating in Spookathon and Friday Fright A Thon, and I’m going to be trying out a structured TBR. I hope October goes well reading wise even though I’ve read like 2 books I can still read a lot it’s fine. But you know what? Let’s try to be optimistic, and without further ado, here are my overly ambitious reading plans!

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September Wrap Up I – I’m Back + I Read 12 books

With school and everything and how I felt like my mental health was caving in a little from the busyness of the end of a school term, I decided to take a mini break from the blog. And now I’m back, ready to produce more and better content and to be a fantastic blogger. Lol good luck.

September has come and gone. It’s been a crazy month, and I read some really great books, some great rereads, books I’ve had on my tbr for a while and all that. I read 12 books (two of which are the first read and a reread of the same book in the month). Was that confusing? None of the books I had got below 3 stars, which is great. I’m so relieved that this was a solid reading month since after the fiasco of August I was genuinely terrified of getting into a reading slump.

Contemporary-A-Thon was such a blast and incredibly helpful in increasing the books I read. In that, I read 5 books (3 of which I read in the first 3 days). Also, I’m currently working on writing full reviews on all these books on Goodreads, since it’s mid-term break (honestly, it could not have come at a better time). I will link the ones that I have done in this post but follow me on my Goodreads to keep up to date with it.

It’s not a Taasia post without a self-promo plug.

Sorry not sorry.

On to the books, I read this month!

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My worst reading month, like ever aka my August Reading Wrap Up

Of course, being me, this post is being written and published on the same day, early September.

August was a pretty ok reading month – nothing got above a four star, which I was disappointed about, and the sad thing that there were so many books I was genuinely excited to read. Let’s just move on, because I’m really sad. And now I’m worried I’m getting into a reading slump, help.

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