The Ultimate YA (Mostly) Summer Reading List ft. 50+ Fun, Diverse Summer Reads!

It’s summer, which means more time to read, of course.

*Cue incessant cheering*

I love doing recommendation posts, and since it’s summer, I figured I might as well do a summer reading recommendation masterlist (because I have too many and as you know, I have a problem with shutting up).

The following books are all books that I feel are perfect for you to read this summer, are are all books I have rated 3 stars or above. Since this list is pretty sizable, I’ve divided them into different categories (pretty much genre categories) so you can peruse at your own leisure.

I’ve tried to refrain from putting super hyped books here, but sometimes I couldn’t help it. Also, all the titles lead straight to their respective Goodreads link (which all open in new tabs, and took me FOREVER to do welp).

Without further ado, here are 50+ books to overload add to your TBR!

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Happy Pride Month!! // feat. 7 Rainbow LGBTQIAP+ Recs

It’s Pride Month, and I only thought it would be appropriate to celebrate this by recommending LGBTQIAP+ books!

Image result for rainbow forming gif

I’ve read a whole variety of books featuring LGBTQIAP+ characters (especially queer main characters) and/or by LGBTQIAP+ authors, and I had always planned on doing a Pride Month Rec Post this June. However, I decided to do it with a bit of a twist – I would recommend LGBTQIAP+, own voices (for the most part) books which had covers that corresponded to the rainbow (i.e having one book that was red, another which was blue and so forth). I thought this would make for a fun and a (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing post! I would love to do a post recommending some more amazing LGBTQIAP+ books that I would recommend for Pride Month, which I will most likely do for next Pride.

In selecting the books for this post, I have tried to select books with a wide range of identities and genres, and have tried to make this list as intersectional as possible! I know I have so many books that I have left off this list (because I’m only featuring 8 books in this post) so please let me know of more LGBTQIAP+ books that you should think would fit in here and/or that I should read it ASAP!

Oh also, the titles have direct links to their Goodreads!

But anyways – I hope you like this post and that it proves to be helpful (and aesthetically pleasing, of course).

Yes I’m a shallow human.

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Tired of the Patriarchy? // feat. 12 Feminist Books You Should Definitely Check Out + Happy Women’s History Month!!

Being the feminist I am, I am genuinely surprised I haven’t done a female-based recommendation post yet!

I have always been a strong believer in gender equality, and I believe in it so strongly that I did something (in my opinion) pretty cool for the cause, which I talked about in the Life Section of my February Wrap-Up. It’s a shameless plug, but I will hopefully be talking more about it without fully eliminating my privacy?

I love books about feminism, about females fighting against the patriarchy, and just the ideas of girls coming together and you know .. not completely hating and clawing each other to the death for the sake of some random hot boy they fawned over.

Spoiler: the good girl wins in the end.

I am very aware that I threw shade to more than half of the YA classics, and I’m completely not sorry.

Since it is women’s history month this month (!!), I have compiled a list of some feminist books that I recommend that you all should read. This is in my opinion, a pretty diverse list in terms of genre and representation. There’s historical fiction, contemporary, some classics, non-fiction, fantasy and more. As an intersectional feminist, this is extremely important to me.

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All the Asian Books: My Favourites, Upcoming Asian Releases + more!

Hi, my name is Taasia, and welcome to my blog, Librae Paints Pages, where we constantly boost Asian literature and authors!!

This post has literally been planned for at least 3 months, but you haven’t seen it until now because I’ve been procrastinating SO HARD on it because it felt so intimidating?

Anyway! Since it was the New Year, I thought I would add to your colossal TBRs by shoving lots of Asian novels at you because I love them so much!

I mean you could write and publish this in May but whatever you’re doing it now.

In today’s post (it’s going to be a long one, you all) I’m going to be sharing my favourite Asian novels, some upcoming Asian releases (in 2019 and 2020, where Asian rep RULES) and some really great resources and posts you should all check out. This format was inspired by the lovely Melanie @ Mel to the Any, who is such a ray of sunshine that I adore and also a reviewing queen.

Note: only books with Asian authors/books with own-voices rep will be included, because I’d rather not boost Asian novels written by people who aren’t Asian *cough* white authors *cough*

Anyway, let’s get into it!

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