My Incredibly Long and Extra End of The Year Bookish Survey (Grab A Snack)

I have a love for surveys, stats and question-type posts (as evidenced by my 100 Blogger Truths Tag.), so I decided to join in! This was created by Jamie @ The Perpetual Page Turner, so go ahead and check her 2018 post and link yours up!

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I Provide An Excuse To Talk Excessively About Myself aka The 100 Truths Blogger Tag!

I’m back and here to talk about my favourite topic: myself. I’m kidding.

About that my favourite topic is myself, but today I’ll be answering 100 questions about myself, which I actually really love doing, so let me know if you want to see more of these kinds of content. Probably not but I’ll do that anyway.

I saw this tag on May @ Forever and Everly and I thought it was fun, so here we are. I also want to apologize in advance for the length of this post, it’s a long one.

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A-Z Bookish Tag

Hi friends! Here’s another tag, quick-to-read post because ya girl was tagged by the wonderful May @ My 1st Chapter, and got around to publishing it, uh, 1 month later. (But seriously, thanks for the tag, May!) She is the most talented wonderful human ever, please do yourself a favor and bless your screens by checking her out ❤️ Ok, onto the tag, and hope you enjoy it!

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There’s Way Too Much An Ember in the Ashes: Hamilton Book Tag

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 8.42.03 PM

As you all know, I’m Hamiltrash.

Image result for hamiltrash gif

And also LMM trash he has spoiled us with the three Hamildrops this month and is just such a pure wonderful human being join my fan club.

Two weeks ago, I saw Hamilton on West End.

And got Hamilton merch *cough* a Hamilton hoodie.

Image result for excited gif

As utter Hamiltrash, I’ve been meaning to do this tag for ages, and I thought the opportunity was way too good to pass up!

(And also because I have 3 wrap-ups scheduled to go up and we all need a break in between them).

On to the tag!

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Let’s Ignore That It’s July aka the Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag + I’m Back!

Hey guys! I know it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been back but I’ve been really experiencing newbie blogger burnout. I had my finals in May (which was extremely stressful), and then two weeks later, I needed to study for World Scholar’s Cup, this amazing academic competition you can find more information here (which I wholeheartedly recommend you participate in if you can!! I love!!). And then I had that, and it was crazy, and then for the last two weeks I needed a break and to focus on my summer homework and personal project (spoiler: very unproductive). And when I want to sit and type blog posts – the words don’t come. I would’ve announced my hiatus, but the words didn’t come and I couldn’t write it properly. The stress was killing me, and I needed to stop for a while. And honestly, this hiatus was great for me, though I was stressing about posting because it allowed me to hit the pause button and really focus on events happening in my life.

Honestly, I can’t believe that it’s July! I’m on track for my reading goal! 2018 has really flown by, but I’m so excited it’s summer! I’m trying to get on top of my reviews, check out my Goodreads here where you can see all the reviews and see me trying to get myself together. And this tag has been going around and spreading really quickly, thanks to IsThatChami and EarlGreyBooks for creating the tag! On to the tag 🙂

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Try a Chapter Tag (New eBook edition!)

Some weeks ago, on a peaceful Thursday afternoon, I had some free time and was in a great reading mood – but had no idea what to read. To solve this problem, I decided to do the Try a Chapter book tag. So in case you don’t know this tag, it’s a tag where I pick 5 books that I want to read and read the first chapter of each book (prologue included). Then, after that, I pick one book and continue on with that book. This tag was created by Malia at the Book Paradise on Booktube.

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Welcome to the blog (feat. the newbie book blog tag and a lot of random gifs)

Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Taasia, and welcome to my blog, where I talk about books, art, bullet journaling, Hamilton and everything in between.  In this debut post, I wanted to introduce myself, my blog and do the newbie book blogger tag.

I’m Taasia (obviously) and I’m a 15 y/o Malaysian Chinese ENFJ based in Singapore. I’ve loved literature for as long as I can remember, with a special love for YA. My favourite genre is contemporary. I’m a proud Ravenclaw. I have a deep appreciation for art, colours, bullet journaling, Friends, and beautiful things. Plus, I’m Hamiltrash and my two Hamilton-related dreams are to someday see Hamilton live and to be able to rap/sing every song flawlessly.  

In this blog, you can expect reviews, recommendations, discussions, tags, and other bookish content, with the occasional life/planning content.

Sorry for the long preamble, on to the tag!

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